Zero Distraction

Taran Richards

Music Director, IPFM

Taran Richards was born and raised in the United Kingdom and started out at the age of 19 as a solo artist networking and collaborating with people from all around the world. Over the years Taran soon learned how to Record, Produce, Write and perform at many Gigs to make a name for himself and was lucky enough meet and learn from Legends such as Kurtis Blow / The Furious Five and even Akill the MC.  After many years hard work Taran soon learned that it was all about having a plan in order to make it in the Music Industry and to be able to stand out from the rest of the crowd by being completely original and by gaining a major fan base.  Aside from these impressive accolades Taran then went on to create the U.K. group "Tribe of Fable" who got Broadcast on the National BBC Radio and have been in for an interview with Sean Mcginty at the BBC. Taran has now become the Music Director for IP Films & Music and is a signed TV/Film Composer for Ivree Productions / Tunedge / Do It Records & G.I Records.