Vincent Charles an amateur boxer sent to jail gets out only to find that his past has caught up to him. He struggles to battle inner and outer demons while attempting to fulfill his father's dream for him and trying to help fix the hardships faced by those he loves in his community.

Vincent Charles, a 30-year old African American male, played by professional boxer Austin “No Doubt” Trout, is released from a New York Prison and returns to his hometown in the Bronx. LOUIE a 45-year old African American is running Harvey’s Gym in the Bronx and trains Vincent Charles. BIG T a 40-year old African American male is the leader of the local gang and main antagonist and is after Vincent Charles for a monetary debt.  Vincent Charles is unable to find employment due to being in prison for 10-years. He turns to Louie at Harvey’s Gym for help but is dismissed by Louie without a second thought. He ultimately lands employment at a local corner market. Vincent gets in a bind when he runs into Big T and finds outs he is expected to pay him back. This causes inner demons to return as Vincent is trying to stay away from what his old life was that led him to be in prison. The turning point for Vincent comes when Big T makes him aware that he knows he has a family and threatens them. Vincent ends up getting an offer for a title fight which would give him the money to pay back Big T and fulfill his dad’s dream for him to make his life better. Vincent is called into a meeting and told he can make much more money if he throws the fight, but ultimately decides he wants to do it the right way and turns the offer down. Vincent goes on to fight for a championship but loses in a split decision after 12 rounds.  After 
the fight, he visits Big T to pay him off and the movie ends as we see Vincent back at Harvey’s Gym training.

Creative Team

Ondra Berry II-Director, Writer, Actor

Jason Bryant Jennings-Assistant Director, Producer, Writer

Tre Fergerson-Executive Producer, Marketing

Boyd Melson-Producer, Boxing Techincal Advisor, Actor

Cast (Real Name....Role)

Austin "No Doubt" Trout....Vincent Charles

Boyd Melson....Antoine Richardson

Vernon "Tiger" White....Louie "Lou" Rogers

Anthony Bartley....BIG T

Stephanie Frias....Denise Garcia

Charlene Fox....Charlotte Chambers

William Kolbin....Parole Board Member

Cordelia Sands....Parole Board Member

Waitress....Daniela Chavez


Full-length Feature 

Sports Drama

Anticipated Release Q3 2019

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