Zero Distraction

1DZD Mission

To provide athletes, coaches and executives, an environment that supports the pursuit of mental, emotional, social, and financial excellence on inside and outside of sports, and to provide athletes and coaches the tools and strategies needed for daily dream growth, goal success, and positive daily achievement in pursuit of their career and life goals through ELITE focus on ELITE service.  

1DZD Concept:
At 1DZD Our concept is simple.  Be ELITE in your community, be ELITE in your profession and this will make you ELITE in your life.

NCAA Compliance
1DZD will only contact you after we have gone through the proper channels with the state where your college is located and or the compliance office and your head coach. Please be patient so we can ensure federal, state and institutional compliance on our end.

For those considering becoming a client with 1DZD, it is important that both you and your guardian(s) know the rules so that your eligibility remains in good standing.  While it is not against NCAA Regulations for us to talk with you and or your family or even socialize, there are several things that we can not and will not do in order to protect your eligibility.  If you have any other questions, please let us know and we'll be happy to answer them or speak directly with a compliance officer at your institution. 

Things that will cause your NCAA Championship Eligibility to end...

  • Tell us either verbally or in writing that you plan on being represented by 1DZD prior to you exhausting your eligibility (If you are going into postseason competition in your final year of eligibility you must wait until after you are eliminated before committing to being represented by us.).  
  • Have 1DZD pay for anything for you, your family and or friends prior to the ending of your eligibility.  This includes any type of transportation.  (Because it would be compensation based upon athletic skill and preferential benefit not available to the general student population.).
  • Have 1DZD speak to a professional franchise about your value as a pro athlete or chances of being drafted.
  • Have 1DZD help market you including your name and likeness in any way shape or form during your eligibility.

Career and Post Career Management
Branding and Media Management
Sponsorship Management
Continuing Education Assistance
Strength and Conditioning
Mental Conditioning
​Philanthropic Management

Apply for Representation
1. Complete one of the following forms

Coaches and Executives

2. A member of 1DZD will contact you within 48 Hours to discuss the company in-depth with you. 

3. After that call a second call will be done with the division director and a contract will be sent to you. 

4. Once you return the signed contract you will then speak with Jason Bryant Jennings, 1DZD's General Manager and your division director to solidify a 1-year plan of action.  

A company OPERATED by former athletes, coaches and executives FOR athletes coaches and executives