Zero Distraction

1DZD Mission

To provide athletes, coaches and executives, an environment that supports the pursuit of mental, emotional, social, and financial excellence inside and outside of sports, and to provide them the tools and strategies needed for daily dream growth, goal success, and positive daily achievement in pursuit of their career and life goals through ELITE focus on ELITE service.  

1DZD Concept:
At 1DZD Our concept is simple.  Be ELITE in your community, be ELITE in your profession and this will make you ELITE in your life.

Career and Post Career Management
Branding and Media Management
Sponsorship Management
Continuing Education Assistance
Strength and Conditioning
Mental Conditioning
​Philanthropic Management

Apply for Representation
1. Complete one of the following forms


Coaches and Sports Administration

2. A member of 1DZD will contact you within 48 Hours to discuss the company in-depth with you. 

3. After that call a second call will be done with the division director and a client agreement will be sent to you. 

4. Once you return the signed contract you will then speak with your division director to solidify a 1-year plan of action.  


Andie Varsho


Executive Client

"1DZD has been a support system that has not only helped me continue my career from player to coach to administrator but has also been a tremendous resource.  1DZD has provided me networking opportunities, allowed me to be involved in numerous personal and professional developmental situations, and provided a community of amazing supportive individuals I needed at the beginning of my career and continue to utilize during my 5th year with 1DZD."

Jessica Moore
Former Client
USA Softball, College Coach

“I signed on with 1DZD in October of 2013, being part of 1DZD was a great decision for me as it really took a lot of the pressure off me regarding my marketing. I was also given the opportunity to make an appearance of a lifetime in Japan and create my own clothing collection. The one thing that stands out to me is how they genuinely care about the sport of softball and clients.”