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Written By: Tristan Spohn 

Created By: Ondra Berry II 

Official Selection LA CineFest (2018)

When a firefighter suffering from a Dissociative Identity Disorder develops a new personality that can talk to dead people, he becomes desperate to avenge their deaths. But not all of his personalities feel the same way. 

60 Minute Episodes

A killer is on the loose, mutilating bodies in a way that hasn’t been seen in twenty years, since the brutal murder of Thomas Clarke’s mother, the traumatic event that split his mind into seven different, eccentric personalities. 

When Thomas goes to the morgue to investigate the new bodies, an eighth personality emerges, which has the ability to talk to the dead. A recent victim of a fatal heart attack pleads for him to save a woman named Clara giving him an address. As Thomas rushes off to save her, he unwittingly brings along Levi Mason, the budding surgeon in charge of the autopsy of the bodies believed to be the victims of the man who killed his mother. 

Thomas breaks into what he believes to be Camilla's house, stumbling into a war with a gang of loan sharks. As he takes 
time to decide whether or not to actually involve himself further, he has a hallucination about the man who murdered his mother, and when he sees the man’s face, it’s a reflection of Thomas himself. 

He jumps back into reality, only to find himself covered in someone else’s blood, a violent knocking on his front


Underground Indie Film Festival Winner for Best Short Script

Official Selection Underground Indie Film Festival - Horror Cult Sci-Fi Fantasy (2017)

The year is 2020, and it is the post apocalypse. Things are going crazy and out of control. The only thing that is known is there is some sort of outbreak and it is tearing the world apart. With desperate times people are forced to either join communities or become raiders. Billy a 12 year old boy has felt the effects of the changing world after his family is torn apart and him and his sister are left to survive the new world. Billy will have to uphold his fathers last wishes to protect his sister as he faces new dangers of lurkers, raiders, and survival.

Full Feature Thriller/Drama 
Registered with WGA West Registry #1892333

Written by: Ondra Berry II
Co-writer: Jarrod Rogol

Official Selection US Hollywood Int'l Golden Film Award (2017) 

Official Selection LA CineFest (2018)

A girl becomes the victim of sex trafficking when she is betrayed by someone she trusts and is kidnapped. She will have to find the will and strength to survive and ultimately plan her vengeance as she will try to take down an entire organization and become the savior and voice for other victims.

Information Coming Soon

Official Selection Semi-Finalist Los Angeles CineFest (2018)