The 2020 1 Dream Awards will be Saturday, December 12th in Dallas, Texas, CLICK HERE for information.

Past Finalists
Brittney Horan (2019)

Jamie Allred (2019)​

Carly Wynn (2017)
Erika Bennett (2017)
Ashley Chastain (2017)
JT Gasso (2017)
Kendra Cullum (2017)
Chanda Bell (2016)
Mackenzie Popescue (2016)
Laura Trout (2016)
Nicole Hudson​ (2016)

In 2019, after the tragic passing of Geri Ann Glasco, the Rising Star Award was renamed in her honor.  Geri Ann was a marketing client of 1DZD's and had an endorsement deal with Swivel Vision.  On Saturday, December 12, 2019, Carly Willert an assistant coach with Eastern Illinois University was the first recipient of the newly branded award.

Requirements for Consideration
* MUST not currently be or have been a client of 1DZD.

​* Head Coaches: First stint with not more than three seasons and at least two winning seasons OR second stint with not more than five seasons and at least three winning seasons.

* Assistant Coaches with not more than five seasons.  

* Only full time positions as a head coach or assistant coach are calculated.   

2020 Finalists

Geri Ann Glasco Rising Star Award Presented by Swivel Vision

Past Recipients

Carly Willert (2019) 1st GAGRSA

Kenny Gajewski (2018)
Jorge Araujo (2017)
​Rachele Fico (2016)

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