Zero Distraction

​​Infinite Possibility Films and Music (IPFM)
Infinite Possibility Films and Music, LLC. (IPFM) is a division of the life management company One Dream Zero Distraction, LLC. (1DZD) which IPFM was started in 2016 to create the best possible content within television, film and music with the goal of inspiring others to be creative and reach for something bigger.

Names linked to bios

Ondra Berry II, Managing Partner and Chairman of the Board
Jason Bryant Jennings, Managing Partner and Vice-Chairman of the Board 
Tre Fergerson, Director of Business Development and Board Member 
Taran Richards, Music Director
​Boyd Melson, Board Member

Current Working Projects
Full-length Feature 
Sports Drama
Anticipated Release 2020

Full-length Feature 
Sports, Faith and Family
Anticipated Release TBD

Upcoming Projects
Full-length Feature 
A girl becomes the victim of sex trafficking when she is betrayed by someone she trusts and is kidnapped. She will have to find the will and strength to survive and ultimately plan her vengeance as she will try to take down an entire organization and become the savior and voice for other victims.

Full-length Feature 
The story of two unlikely friends that will help each other find their true potential and what it means to never give up. They will need to lean on
each other for support through the best of times and the worst as their lives will be tested throughout their friendship.

Full-length Feature

Short Film
In the year 2020 the apocalypse has begun. Billy will have to leave his childhood behind as he deals with his parents last wishes of keeping his little sister safe.  Necropolis starts with a flashback, Billy’s Mother has already been taken by the Zombies.  As the flashback ends, his father ends up being taken as well. Then the race is on for survival as Billy wakes his sister up Billy must fight Raiders (A group of unruly individuals that live by their own laws, cheat, steal and kill to survive.).

When a firefighter suffering from a Dissociative Identity Disorder develops a new personality that can talk to dead people, he becomes desperate to avenge their deaths. But not all of his personalities feel the same way.