A shocking accident on the field during the 14U National Championship finds Ashley Kane a promising young softball player losing not only friends but also her identity as a softball player.  Through her renewed faith, she ultimately defies the odds to accomplish her dreams.

Ashley Kane, is a 14-year old Caucasian female, is injured, and she finds that her two closest teammates, Erica Lancaster and Jamie Mills, are no longer accepting of her.  Erica as the main leader of the team flips Jamie, the team and her school against Ashley.  After a building of confidence from a coach, Ashley attempts to return to the sport she loves.  However, she is once again met with bullying and turbulent times.   Ashley’s hard work pays off, but not as expected and she also learns that it’s not only kids that can bully.  Although Ashley continues to thrive during her career in high school, the bullying pushes her to an ultimate low moment as she enters her senior year.  Just when it seems like there isn’t any possible return, a renewed boost in her faith pushes Ashley's self-esteem up and gives her the strength to continue.  At the same time, Ashley regains an old friend that will help her through some rough spots in the future. 

 After Ashley makes a critical decision about her softball career, she’ll put everything she has into going down a road that will prove to be both troublesome but rewarding.

Creative Team

Ondra Berry II-Executive Producer, Writer

Jason Bryant Jennings-Executive Producer, Writer


Full-length Feature 

Sports, Faith and Family

Anticipated Release TBD