2015 1 Dream Awards
Unattached Awards 

Strive Softball ICON Award: Rhonda Revelle

VIP Sportswear 1 Dream Award: Kylee Muir

HeyBucket.com IMPACT Award: Amy Doyle

1DZD Staff and Client Awards
Brewskeez Sports Cafe #FutureGen Award: Alisa Goler

E1 Client of the Year: Emily Weiman

Vinci GM Award: Vicky Galasso

3N2 Sports Softball Client of the Year: Dallas Escobedo

Mavrick Artists Sports Pro Player of the Year: Alisa Goler   

DNA Performance Sportswear Soccer Client of the Year: Taylor Leach

ArmPro Bands Players' Choice Award: Mandy Ogle

Custom Eyewear Designs Rookie of the Year: Cheyenne Cordes

Back-Spin Tee Newcomer of the Year: Emily Weiman 

Pinnacle Fastpitch Community Award: Maddie O'Brien

1DZD Singer of the Year: Whitney Arion "Touching Home - S2E10 - Goscobedo vs. Andrion"

TheDeadEye Employee of the Year: Derek Burton