Embrace the Hustle. Embrace the Struggle. Chase the Dream!


One Dream Zero Distraction, or 1DZD was a concept created by One Dream CEO/Founder Ondra Berry II. After a significant season ending injury his junior year in college, Ondra fell on hard times after finding out his football career would possibly come to an end for good. After a visit from fellow teammate Glenn Wallin and Ondra's Defensive Back coach CJ Harris, Ondra realized that he didn't have to except his fate and made a promise to not only come back, but prove the impossible.

Over the next 6-8 months, with the help and backing of Glenn and CJ, Ondra rehabbed to the max. During these rehab sessions and workouts the term "One Dream" would be thrown around as motivation, it wasn't until that rehab was complete that "Zero Distractions" was added as completion to the journey. From that point on it not only became Glenn, Ondra, and Coach CJ's motto for the next season, the tradition to write the phrase across his wrist was something Ondra would continue to do from that point on as a reminder that with any goal or Dream, there will be obstacles, and struggle but your greatness is far greater than that, focus on the Dream and let NOTHING stand in your way.

Ondra not only went on to coming back next season, but his play earned him tryouts/prodays for the NFL, CFL, AFL and IFL. Ondra played 1.5 professional seasons. After a situation/malpractice of his current agent at the time it cost Ondra major opportunities in furthering his football career. Although unfortunate and hard to except, Ondra wouldn't let that tear him down, it fueled him into creating the 1DZD brand, A sports management agency by athletes, for athletes to ensure he could be a voice for athletes and not allow his misfortune to happen to any other athlete.

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

– Bo Jackson

Zero Distraction